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03. Sell

Preparation For Sale

The decisions you make when preparing your business for sale can have a huge financial and emotional impact on you, so making the right choices is essential.

All too often care home business owners decide to sell their business without making the necessary preparations to make sure that the sale process has the best-possible opportunity to run smoothly. This can lead to a sales process that takes far longer than it has to and can also also to 'price chipping' that might otherwise be avoided. 

Our Preparation For Sale services focus on ensuring that 

Valuation Maximisation 

It is a great achievement if you are a care home business owner and you have invested ten, twenty, maybe even thirty years into looking after our nations elderly and vulnerable people.


And if this is you, then the SP&P team believe that you fully deserve to be able to sell your business for its maximum value.

Our Value Maximisation services look deep into the operations of your care home business to understand where there are opportunities to increase both your EBITDA and valuation multiple, to ensure you achieve the highest possible valuation at exit.

Off-Market Sales 

Off-market sales provide people looking to sell their care home businesses with the opportunity to exit without having to go out to the wider market. 


At SP&P, we have clients who are actively looking to make acquisitions from good quality operators where they can continue the good work that the seller has done. 

This presents our Off-Market Sales clients with a unique opportunity to benefit from introductions to trusted buyers from within our network.  


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