Care Home Business Growth Services

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Operational Due Diligence 

When someone is looking to buy a care home business, they will always instruct a solicitor to look at the contracts and an accountant to look at the numbers. 

But, all too often the buyer does not look deeply enough into the operations of the business in the due diligence phase. This leads to the buyer discovering unforeseen problems, only after the deal has completed. 

Our Operational Due Diligence service enables those looking to make an acquisition, to gain an objective understanding of everything needed to mitigate all operational risks involved in buying a care home business.

Integration Services 

When a care home operator makes an acquisition, the integration process can present great risk, and when done badly can have disastrous implications. 

The successful integration of two care home businesses can provide the buyer with an opportunity to:


 - Achieve significant growth

 - Embed their own culture with their new team

 - Deliver their own benchmark of care quality and resident well-being 

That is why we have designed our Integration Services to support successful growth by acquisition. 

Off-Market Deal Origination 

Off-market deals provide people looking to buy care home businesses with the opportunity to make acquisitions without having to go out to the wider market. 


At SP&P, we have clients who are actively looking to sell their business confidentially, and to a quality operator who is going to continue their good work after they have sold. 

This presents our Off-Market Deal Origination clients with a unique opportunity to benefit from introductions to trusted sellers from within our network. 



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