About SP&P

Founded in 2016, SP&P, then called The Care Home Coach was established to deliver coaching services to the owners and leaders of elderly care home businesses, to help them achieve their vision of success and aspirations for the future.


Since then, we have delivered our services from Dundee to Southampton and everywhere in between. And, we have worked with single home operators, all the way through to some of the best-known groups in the UK.


As our business has evolved, so has our services offering. Our ever expanding team now provide a range of business growth services designed for everyone from new entrants to the market, to people looking to sell their portfolio.

Our Vision

The SP&P team have a very clear vision:

We envisage a world where sustainable care home businesses provide the best-possible life experience for everyone who lives in, works for and owns a care home, or group.

And, everything we do contributes towards making this vision a reality.

"Our purpose is to help our clients to build and grow sustainable care home businesses" 

Simon Parker, founder of SP&P

Value 01.


We understand that when our clients invest in our services, they are buying a result, not a service.


This is true whether we are supporting them with the delivery of a transformative business-wide strategy or some one-off consultancy work for an important project.


Arriving successfully at the finish line with our client takes hard and smart work, laser-focus and the commitment to get the job done.


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